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Fostering Risk Taking and New Business Creation

BPM-GOSPEL Conference

- Aiming at Improving Innovation and Governance Skills -

25th February 2013

hosted by the Budapest Business School, Budapest, Hungary

Venue: Lotz Room, Budapest Business School

29-31. Markó Street, H-1055 Budapest, Hungary


The topics of the conference are going around the relevance of good governance and innovation practices necessary for fostering risk taking and new business creation in turbulent economic conditions. The speakers are highly reputed experts from many different domains, representing wide range of organizations from public sector to  industry,  from European Institutes to small and medium size enterprises. During the conference the attendees will receive information about the most recent outcomes of European funded BPM-GOSPEL project supporting European level learning services for increasing human capabilities of governance supporting innovative entrepreneurship from start-up to matured organizations.



Dr. József Roóz - rector emeritus, Budapest Business School

János Ivanyos - BPM-GOSPEL project-coordinator

László Varga - project manager, Budapest Business School

Supporting Organizations:

Hungarian Economic Association - Corporate Governance Section

American Chamber of Commerce - Governance, Integrity and Entrepreneurship Committee

European Certification and Qualification Association

The conference working language is English. Attendance is free, however registration is required. For further assistance please contact to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


The BPM-GOSPEL project

The objective of the BPM-GOSPEL - Business Process Modelling for Governance SPICE and Internal Financial Control - project (2010-2013) is the transfer of the already proved innovation - multiple model based compliance workbench tool for improving governance capability of business processes by which the existing results of IA-Manager (2005-2007) and MONTIFIC (2008-2010) training development projects are further enriched by Integrated Assurance Management scenarios using the adapted "Stages" process management platform (see: for multi-layer Business Process Modelling (BPM).

The project aims to provide ready to use Integrated Assurance Management scenarios for enterprises and best practice cases for teaching and learning in vocational trainings demanded by both sides of the labour market. See more details about related project outcomes at (Integrated Assurance Manager) and (Trusted Business - Felelős Vállalkozások Magyarországon).

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